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Traveling Tutus Partner

Currently Collecting

  • Ballet costumes

  • Group sets of costumes for ballet, tap, and jazz only

  • Ballet slippers and tap shoes

  • New tights (pink, tan, and black)

  • @travelingtutusinc

National Dance Education Organization Member NHSDA Chapter Coming Soon

Krista King-Doherty & Juliet Doherty

Award-winning Choreograher and Instructor Krista King-Doherty and Internationally-Acclaimed Dancer and Movie-Star Juliet Doherty joined us for a weekend of Master Classes, Private Lessons, Choreography, Industry Insight, and Exclusive Merchandise from "High Strung: Free Dance". It was an unforgettable experience for all our panhandle dancers from *SEVEN* different studios! Thank you to all the studios that supported their dancers growing and learning from world-class training right in our own backyard. Thank you to all the Dance Parents (and Grandparents!) who lovingly bring their dancers to wonderful opportunities!


Julie's School of Dance

Oh what a night! Celebrating a week of classes, scholarships and awards earned over a year of competing and learning with TDC and JSD. Thank you Pier 77 for the beautiful desserts!

Master Classes

- Hosted by StudioA Acrobatic Arts -

Aubrey Morgan - Five years New York City Ballet and nine years on Broadway with Phantom of the Opera

Aspiring Choreographer Classes

Ellie Swainhart - University of Florida School of Dance's Select Performance Company MOD Dance Ensemble

Special Dance Events

Supporting the Dance Community by hosting "Orange Ribbons for Jaime" A Dance-A-Thon Fundraiser

Group Rehearsals

Arnold High School Theater Department - International Thespian Society Competition

L.A. Commerical Dance Classes

Angel Smith - Los Angeles Dancer and Choreographer - Tremaine Dance Company Alumni

Local Dance Partner Classes

Katie Li - Owner - The Verve Dance Academy - Ft. Walton Beach, FL

All Dancers | All Studios

All Welcome


Studio Rental

Alissa McAndrew - Owner

StudioA Acrobatic Arts - Classes and Privates

Improv and Musical Theater Classes

Chloe Arrigo - University of Central Florida Entertainment Major and Dance Minor - Julie's School of Dance

Solo Rehearsal

Private Practice for Competitions

Ballet Workshops

Becki Fontenau - Northwest Florida Ballet, Julie's School of Dance, Rise Dance Center

Dancer Bonding

Pizza Party and Karaoke Fun!

Harlequin Marley on Stage Step Sprung Sub-Floor | Mackie Speakers | 21.5 x 40 Studio | $20 Hourly Rental | Community Service = Studio Time | Refrigerator for snacks/lunches | Filtered water and ice/bring a reusable water bottle | Wi-Fi | Entrance in back of building for privacy | Additional parking next door at "The Clam" | ALL dancers ALL studios | a DANCE space for the space to DANCE

Let us Praise HIS name with Dance || Psalm 149:3

Supporting Healthy Dancers with Healthy Lifestyles ~ ~ A Comprehensive, Educational Program for High School and College Students presented by Miss Florida that discusses the dangers of Drug and Alcohol Abuse. Contact Anna-Katherine @misspolkcountyot20 for more information