the AKademy of dance

ALL dancers || ALL studios || a DANCE space for the space to DANCE || Community Service = Studio Time

Dance Training is Life Training - Joe Tremaine


Dance 4 All - a 501 (c)(3) Nonprofit

Giving More Children a Chance to Dance

~ Scholarships to Local Dance Studios ~~ Thank you to all the Studios that participated in the Dance Showcase Benefit ~ Dancers Supporting Dancers ~~ For an Application please email

Donate now to give More Children a Chance to Dance at a Local Studio of their choice - Class, Attire, Recital and Costume

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$30 to Paypal @dance4allinc

T-Shirts to Benefit

Non-Profit Dance 4 All

Free Shipping!

$30 to Paypal @dance4allinc

T-Shirts to Benefit

Non-Profit Dance 4 All

the AKademy of dance is a rehearsal space for all dancers

Harlequin Marley on Stage Step Sprung Sub-Floor | Mackie Speakers | 21.5 x 40 Studio | $20 Hourly Rental | Filtered water and ice/bring a reusable water bottle | Refrigerator and Microwave | ALL dancers ALL studios | Dancewear and Pageantwear for donations to Dance 4 All, Inc || a DANCE space for the space to DANCE ||

Let us Praise HIS name with Dance / Psalm 149:3

National Dance Education Organization National Honor Society of Dance Arts


Sarah Downing

Anna-Katherine Risalvato

Our First Two NHSDA Inductees

Tiffany Maher

World Renowned Dancer Tiffany Maher joined us for a weekend of Masterclasses ~ Privates ~ Solo Cleaning ~ Choreography and Q&A

Krista King-Doherty & Juliet Doherty

Award-winning Choreograher and Instructor Krista King-Doherty and Internationally-Acclaimed Dancer and Movie-Star Juliet Doherty joined us for a weekend of Master Classes, Private Lessons, Choreography, Industry Insight, and Exclusive Merchandise from "High Strung: Free Dance". It was an unforgettable experience for all our panhandle dancers from *SEVEN* different studios! Thank you to all the studios that supported their dancers growing and learning from world-class training right in our own backyard. Thank you to all the Dance Parents (and Grandparents!) who lovingly bring their dancers to wonderful opportunities!

TREMAINE Nationals GALA 2020

Julie's School of Dance

Oh what a night! Celebrating a week of Nationals classes, scholarships and awards earned over a year of competing and learning with Tremaine Dance Conventions and Julie's School of Dance. Thank you Pier 77 for the desserts!

Master Classes

Aubrey Morgan - 5 years New York City Ballet and 9 years on Broadway with Phantom of the Opera


Ellie Swainhart - BFA University of Florida School of Dance's Select Performance Company / MOD Dance Ensemble

Special Dance Events

Supporting the Dance Community by hosting "Orange Ribbons for Jaime" A Dance-A-Thon Fundraiser

Group Rehearsals

Arnold High School Theater Department - International Thespian Society Competition

L.A. Commerical Dance Classes

Angel Smith - Los Angeles Dancer and Choreographer - Tremaine Dance Company Alumni

Local Dance Partner Classes

Katie Li - Owner - The Verve Dance Academy - Ft. Walton Beach, FL

All Dancers | All Studios | All Welcome


Studio Rental

Alissa McAndrew - Studio A

Dance Classes and Private Lessons

Musical Theater Classes

Chloe Arrigo - University of Central Florida Entertainment Major/Dance Minor - Julie's School of Dance

Solo Rehearsal

Private Practice for Competitions

Ballet Workshops

Becki Fontenau - NWFlorida Ballet, Julie's School of Dance, Rise Dance

Dancer Bonding

Pizza Party and Karaoke Fun!

Supporting Healthy Dancers with Healthy Lifestyles ~ Comprehensive, Educational Program for High School and College Students presented by Miss Florida that discusses the dangers of Drug and Alcohol Abuse. Contact Anna-Katherine Risalvato Miss Orlando's Outstanding Teen @missorlandosot22 for more information

Traveling Tutus Partner - Currently Collecting

  • Ballet costumes
  • Group sets of costumes for ballet, tap, and jazz only
  • Ballet slippers and tap shoes
  • New tights (pink, tan, and black)
  • @travelingtutusinc